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        Hello,Welcom To Shandong province liaocheng xin superhard materials co., LTD Official Website!
        Why Choose Laixin For all customers to provide more perfect service is the tenet of our company

        ABOUT US

        Shandong province liaocheng xin superhard materials co., LTD

        Shandong Liaocheng Laixin superhard material Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is located in the beautiful water city of Jiangbei ---- Liaocheng. It is a well-known manufacturer with a complete production chain of diamond raw materials in China. Its products include graphite core pillars, pyrophyllite blocks, conductive steel caps and synthetic blocks of full sets of accessories, hig... MORE>> Culture Purpose Organization



        The respect customer, understand customer, continue to provide exceed customer expectations of products and services, this is our has always insisted on and advocated by the service concept.


        Our products are exported to at home and abroad hundreds of cities and countries and regions, with several global top 500 enterprises established a partnership.

        JION IN

        Lai xin willing to "cooperate, common development" as the goal, to "mutual benefit and win-win" for the principle of cooperation, and social friends from all walks of life to discuss cooperation, create brilliant.


        We offer our customers a variety of technical documentation and publicity material support, the information you need as much as possible, we will meet you, welcome to put forward valuable opinion.


        Welcome to leave a message here to us feedback, we will first time reply you! Your message is the supervision of our service, we will do better!